...get your boots dirty

& your soul clean

an ancient woodland in the Cotswolds where you can...




Giver of light and heat


We produce top-quality hardwood logs on site.  The wood come from "thinnings" within the woods, part of the natural cycle of keeping the woodland healthy.   Our dry wood is seasoned to below 20% moisture - great for a long hot burn.  We take great pride both in the quality of our wood and our customer service. We don't dump it on the driveway. We deliver it straight to your log store or garage and stack it free of charge.  

Dry wood available in mini-bulk bags, a builder's bag or the full cubic metre.  Partially seasoned wood available at a minimum 2 cubic metres. It was measuring 23% moisture at the beginning of August so should be dry for winter. 

Timber for artisans

Beautiful boards, custom cuts 

We run a small-scale sawmill to produce milled wood: ash, sycamore, cherry & occasionally oak.  The wood comes from trees felled when necessary for

woodland rejuvenation.  We hope you find the best possible use for every piece from unique shelving to furniture projects.  You are welcome to visit, see our sawmill in action and choose your own boards.

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The Birds
and the Bees

& the sycamore trees...

Our long-term mission is to increase the woodlands' biodiversity through low-impact forestry, reviving neglected coppice and habitat creation.  Want to know more? Check out our Instagram or join us on one of our courses.

Camping will be back in spring 2023

Sleep out in the woods with the deer & the owls

Five private camps spread across 120 acres of woodland, perfect for family holidays or a gathering of friends.  Each camp has acres of private space to play and immerse yourself in nature. You won't see another soul... but will hear the owls.

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