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Sleep out in the woods


Disappear into the woods. Come and stay in one of our five camps nestled in its own clearing within the 120 acres of Cotswolds woodlands - your own private base to explore or just watch the world go by.
Firewood and springwater delivered daily.  Benches around a firepit. A dining table and a buschcrafter's den - great for hiding from the rain.

Each camp is unique, set deep in the woods down its own track in several acres of space. Your nearest neighbours, other than your camping companions, will be deer and owls.

Public Camping is now closed until Spring 2023.

If you are a Bushcrafter or are enquiring about a special event, please contact us on 01453 703 616 or e-mail us at info@voltaireswood.com


For experienced solo or pairs of campers. No luxuries, no camp, just you and the woods


Weekend stopovers for campervans, firepit and a camp in the woods


Great for a group of friends to get together around the fire: up to eight people


A family friendly camp, with space for larger tents: up to eight adults


Field or woodland setting for a chill party of 8-20 people. Or rent the whole 120 acres as a unique woodland party venue. 

Weekends only.

Pricing & Availability

Although you will be camping out in the wilds, we do provide a few creature comforts - firewood from the woods itself, spring water and portering your heavy kit to your camps. Some of these are 10 minutes walk away. You will also find a firepit with grill, benches and tables and a den for rainy days, and a serviced compost loo a short walk away.

We charge a per person fee and a private camp fee.

Per person

Adults: £15 per night. Children aged 5-16 are £10 per night. Under fives are free.

Dogs are also welcome and free.

Private camp

Tribe Camp - good for families, two night minimum on weekends - £30 per night

The Social - for a group of friends - two night minimum on weekends - £30 per night

Camper Stopover - for a van or two - £20 per night

For a chilled party area for 8 to 20 people, choose between Shindig Corner (a lovely clearing in the woods) or The Meadow for a more open feel.
Alternatively, you could have the whole 120 acres of woodland to yourselves for a unique woodland party venue.   

Drop us a line first on info@voltaireswood.com


We ask you to buy one of our mini-bulk bags of firewood from us to get you started. It's a generous amount and just £15 (that's cost price). Why? To discourage burning dead wood collected from the forest floor as it harms the ecological balance


We make charcoal on site from hard woods - perfect for the grill. Book before April 30th for a complimentary bag. Otherwise its £12.


Want to go it alone? Please email to enquire about dates. Yes, we can put you near a stream.



  • Firepit and benches

  • Spring water, delivered 

  • A free sack of homemade charcoal

  • Bushcrafter's den - great rain shelter

  • Portering for heavy tents and coolboxes in our off-road vehicle

  • Serviced compost loos

  • Your purchased firewood delivered to your site

For questions or dates not listed, drop us a line through the orange contact button below or email ev@voltaireswood.com