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We have a great selection of timber direct from the woods which we process into boards, posts and beams. We mill standard sizes and you can buy green or dried. The majority of the timber is ash - a lovely creamy coloured wood that is both light and strong. We also have cherry, maple and lime.
Looking for something a little more finished. We also make bespoke shelving. To find out more, read on....

Beautiful Boards

We mill rustic boards to standard cuts of 1¼ inches or 2¼ inches, rough sawn and ready for you to shape.


You can either purchase green boards fresh from the mill to dry in your home or workshop or boards that have been dried to around 20% moisture.

Milled boards are great for shelving, table tops, doors, furniture projects.

A typical 2.4 metre board at 30cm wide would cost from £30-£40.

We regularly have boards up to 50cm wide.

Posts and Beams

We also mill larger sections of our timber into posts and beams.  


Our logs are generally 2.4 or 3metres long and if you want the character of green wood, you can specify the cuts you want. 

They work for light structures, mantels pieces, fence posts (with weather treatment) and mature beautifully over time. 

Live Edge Shelves

Are you looking for some really special shelving?  We make live edge shelves - which means shelving with the natural curve of the wood as the edge.  Each one if unique.
The wood itself is cut, milled and seasoned within the woods and then finished raw linseed oil which give them a golden warm glow.


Find out more here: LIVE EDGE SHELVES

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Custom Cuts

We are an all-round timber supplier. We can provide

- roundwood logs for your greenwood crafts

- boards and posts to the dimensions you require

- timber for turning

- bespoke cladding

- wide boards for table tops


To keep up-to-date with what greenwood is freshly down and available, please sign up to our newsletter

The Big Beech

Every so often a special tree has to come down. This one is a big beech which was posing a safety issue over a footpath.


Super-sized boards: These are 4 metres long and around 1 metre wide and 55mm thick. There are only a few boards this size but each one would make an epic dining table or board room table, something to be a centrepiece and last a lifetime. It is rare to get a board this size and with the special spalting pattern.  Prices for these boards range from £600-£800.

Wide-boards: we also have a few more boards from further up the trunk at 3m long, up to 80cm wide and 55mm thick. These range from £350-£500 per piece. They would make great tables or counter-tops.

 To view the boards and select the perfect piece, get in touch via the query box, bottom right, or call 01453 703616.

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What we've got and how to view it

Woods we regularly have in stock include:

  • Ash - a soft creamy wood which is both light and very strong

  • Cherry which is fantastic patterned wood with a pinkish hue

  • Maple - from our sycamore trees.  Lovely complex patterns and a light ochre colour

  • Lime also known as bass wood which is a super light wood, good for carving, smaller furniture and model making.

You are welcome to view our stock on Fridays and Sundays. Please ring first for an appointment on 01453 703616.

The Sawmill

We mill our wood on an LM29 Norwood Sawmill, a quality American-made mill which can cut boards up to 24 inches wide.

Each board is cut with precision, keeping its live or waney edge - the natural bark curvature.


We  stack and sticker the boards to ensure good airflow. The boards are covered and left to dry to remove the moisture gradually, which prevents movement and splitting.

Or, want your own logs milled? If you can arrange the delivery, we'll mill for an hourly rate.

To find out more, enquire via the "Got a Query" button bottom right.

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